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This research examines the relationship between graduates and their alma mater as well as to distinguish their current donating behavior. Corporate Insight looked to understand the opinions graduates have regarding how they are treated as alumni. This research also includes where the alma mater ranked against other causes like charities and other types of philanthropy. To accomplish this, Corporate Insight surveyed students who have received an Undergraduate degree from a list of 187 major college universities. 1,100 respondents (from 168 different schools) conducted an online survey using Qualtrics’s consumer panel. Interviews were done from October 7th – October 9th.


When possible, schools should endeavor to make it easy to donate directly from the app. Additionally, navigation must be intuitive and efficient. Top apps also provide compelling reasons for alumni to visit the app, including directories and information on alumni discounts. This report identifies several best practices related to alumni apps.


Social media has grown from an afterthought to a key component in alumni outreach, allowing schools to reach out and stay in touch with their graduates. Facebook offers a flexible outlet for alumni outreach and development offices to reach their university communities. This white paper examines the best practices in Facebook-based alumni outreach.


Create Well-Designed Graphics: Make Infographics Clean and Simple  Colleges and universities must design infographics in an easily digestible manner where alumni can clearly read the content and limit the amount of scrolling to view the entire graphic. Professional, well-designed graphics capture a reader’s attention.Keep Branding in Mind: Incorporate School Logos and Colors  The most effective infographics incorporate school colors, logos or other recognizable features. When readers scan the infographic, the colors and logos should easily help identify the school publishing the graphic and draw an association that is both familiar and professional. This brief showcases five infographics from universities within the Alumni Monitor cover group.


Improve Ease of Use: Pre-Fill Form Fields  The most effective online giving forms pre-fill donor information to create an efficient experience. Schools must follow this practice to maximize the effectiveness of their giving forms.Security Matters: Add a User or Site Verification Element   University websites should offer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) or user authentication verification software (e.g., reCaptcha) to assure donors that their websites are safe and secure.Create a Seamless Donation Process: Use Progress Meters and Responsive Design Donors should experience a direct, effortless giving process on any mobile or desktop device. Schools should include a range of standard features, including breadcrumbs, progress meters, expandable sections, lightboxes and responsive design. This research examines effective giving form practices.


Social Media Still Matters: Ambassador Programs Gain Traction  Since last year, five additional schools introduced ambassador programs in honor of giving day. The most effective social media ambassador programs incentivize online participation with a chance to win school apparel and merchandise.Showcase Results Creatively: Publish Infographics Through social media, email, and microsite progress meters, schools are better able to provide timely fundraising and donor results to supporters about their giving days. These visuals are an effective way to present a lot of data in an easily digestible manner, allowing donors to better comprehend a giving day’s outcome. This brief examine new techniques to maximize Giving Day results.


Social Media Matters: Offer an Ambassador Program  Colleges and universities are creating reward programs by offering supporters an incentivized social media ambassador program to promote official Giving Day content. The most effective social media ambassador programs reward participants for their online participation with an entry to win school apparel and merchandise. Social media ambassador programs are critical to spark alumni participation in Giving Day and campaigns.Fundraising Updates Are Simply Not Enough: Incorporate a Webcast It is imperative that schools use social media to provide fundraising and donor updates to supporters about their Giving Days. Without having to wait for fundraising updates, donors can quickly learn about the event’s progress in the broadcast. This brief looks at critical Giving Day strategies and features.


Key to an Effective Email: Make it Beautiful and Keep it Simple  Every college and university must use the first (and still primary) digital messaging tool, email, to reach alumni. The best and most well-crafted emails not only break through the clutter of modern inboxes, but the email design and content differ between schools.Subject Lines Matter, Be Clear and Concise The world moves quickly, and people feel their time is valuable. Emails offering clear subject lines and succinct communications that deliver their message are most effective. This brief examines effective email content and design practices for six school covered by the Alumni Monitor coverage group.