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This research examines the relationship between graduates and their alma mater as well as to distinguish their current donating behavior. Corporate Insight looked to understand the opinions graduates have regarding how they are treated as alumni. This research also includes where the alma mater ranked against other causes like charities and other types of philanthropy. To accomplish this, Corporate Insight surveyed students who have received an Undergraduate degree from a list of 187 major college universities. 1,100 respondents (from 168 different schools) conducted an online survey using Qualtrics’s consumer panel. Interviews were done from October 7th – October 9th.


School must employ magazines as an effective method of outreach to alert alumni and supporters about recent news, upcoming events and sparking increased donations. This report examines the hard-copy magazines available for eight schools covered by the Alumni Monitor coverage group.


Create Well-Designed Graphics: Make Infographics Clean and Simple  Colleges and universities must design infographics in an easily digestible manner where alumni can clearly read the content and limit the amount of scrolling to view the entire graphic. Professional, well-designed graphics capture a reader’s attention.Keep Branding in Mind: Incorporate School Logos and Colors  The most effective infographics incorporate school colors, logos or other recognizable features. When readers scan the infographic, the colors and logos should easily help identify the school publishing the graphic and draw an association that is both familiar and professional. This brief showcases five infographics from universities within the Alumni Monitor cover group.


The rapid change of communications offers opportunities and threats to the future of alumni magazines. The most effective magazines inform, entertain and engage readers of all audiences. All supporters, not just alumni, should have the option to subscribe to the print publication. This Alumni Monitor report reviews nine hard-copy magazines with an emphasis on design and availability, content, promotions and advertisements.


Key to an Effective Email: Make it Beautiful and Keep it Simple  Every college and university must use the first (and still primary) digital messaging tool, email, to reach alumni. The best and most well-crafted emails not only break through the clutter of modern inboxes, but the email design and content differ between schools.Subject Lines Matter, Be Clear and Concise The world moves quickly, and people feel their time is valuable. Emails offering clear subject lines and succinct communications that deliver their message are most effective. This brief examines effective email content and design practices for six school covered by the Alumni Monitor coverage group.