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Twitter is not only a powerful tool for discussion and interaction, but a vital marketing role for universities to engage with valuable, tech-savvy consumers in real time. This report examines current best practices for how colleges can use Twitter to reach and engage alumni and offers implementable recommendations to improve Twitter presences and social media initiatives for alumni.


Create a One-Stop Shop: Integrate Private Alumni Site into Main Site  The most effective alumni websites not only offer an online alumni community or platform but integrate the private features and resources into the main alumni site, which is publicly accessible.Responsive Design Matters: Improve Multi-Platform Device Usage  Responsively-designed websites are necessary to provide an optimal viewing experience for users, as the design feature reduces the need to resize screens and unnecessary scrolling. This brief examines alumni association website design best practices.


Social media has grown from an afterthought to a key component in alumni outreach, allowing schools to reach out and stay in touch with their graduates. Facebook offers a flexible outlet for alumni outreach and development offices to reach their university communities. This white paper examines the best practices in Facebook-based alumni outreach.


When possible, schools should endeavor to make it easy to donate directly from the app. Additionally, navigation must be intuitive and efficient. Top apps also provide compelling reasons for alumni to visit the app, including directories and information on alumni discounts. This report identifies several best practices related to alumni apps.